02 March 2012

Diving the Ledge of Turtles

I was late getting in the water, so I descended almost immediately.  I still managed to find the rock pile and the base of the sponge, so I headed for the Ledge of Turtles.
I moved slowly, looking for small things to shoot.  I was using +4 and +1 diopters.  I got pictures of a Juvenile Highhat, a Neon Goby on symmetrical brain coral
 a Star Horseshoe Worm,
and this little Blenny I have yet to identify.  I spotted the mid-way rocks and corrected my bearing to the Ledge, where I found two Green Turtles hovering among lots of fish.  Wish I had not put on the diopters.
 On my second dive, I got rid of the diopters and got a picture of a French Grunt staking his claim to some territory by chasing away another French Grunt.
 I found a Shapnose Puffer, with the painted on eyelashes.
 and a Juvenile Yellowmouth Grouper
 a Yellowtail Damselfish
 a Spotted Burrfish
 a Sand Diver
 and a Neon Goby hitching a ride on an Initial Phase Redband Parrotfish.

Over the sand on the way to the beach, I photograph this zombie looking amphapod living in a perfectly round hole in the sand about the size of a quarter.

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