29 February 2012

Solo Diving on the Fish Camp Rocks

Wind was about 8 knots from the East with 2-4 ft surf.  I descended just past the swim buoy, found the concrete blocks in about 5 ft of visibility and headed due East looking for the Fish Camp Rocks.  I got a few pictures of a Dusky Jawfish.
I saw no turtles or rays, but I did find the Fish Camp Rocks.   Found an Atlantic Spadefish and got a few shots.
 Got a good picture of an Ocean Surgeonfish
 and an Initial Phase Redband Parrotfish.
 Could not get in front of this Smooth Trunkfish, though he did let me get fairly close.
This Orange Spotted Filefish watched me intently, but did not bolt.
This Spanish Grunt did not move even when the strobe went off.
 I swam with this Spanish Hogfish for quite a while before he let me get this shot.
 The lobster were walking after the heavy winds lately.  Visibility was pretty poor.
This Scrawled Filefish has been around before, but he is not about to let me get in front of him.  
 This Gray Angelfish really did not see me as a threat. He waited while I got my picture and then he swam away.
Got this shot of a Doctorfish on my way back to the beach.  I was chilled by the end of the dive, so I passed on a second dive.  

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