24 February 2012

Solo Diving the Big Coral Knoll

 I used Ruhula's tank from last night's pool session.  It still had 2500 psi.  Got to the beach early and was in quickly.  Descended over the sand, just past the sand bar.  Found the Sea Robbin from yesterday and got some good pictures.
Got some good shots of a Seaweed Blenny.
 Although I was heading East for the Fish Camp Rocks, I ended up at the Perpendicular Rocks so I swam over to the Big Coral Knoll where I shot this Blue Tang
I also got a good shot of what I have thought was a Bluestriped Grunt, but which I am now not so certain about.  The Bluestriped Grunt is supposed to have blue stripes and this little fellow has silver and yellow stripes, but otherwise looks a lot like a Bluestriped Grunt.
I spotted a couple of reef squid and tried to get some good shots, but it was hard.  The Strobe leaves backscatter unless I get really close and the squid were not going to allow that to happen. 
 Got a good photo of a true Bluestriped Grunt.
Also found a Hawksbill turtle and got some nice shots of it flying down the knoll.  Then I headed West to the beach.
On the second dive, I was able to make the Fish Camp Rocks.  Along the way, I got a shot of an Arrow Crab.
Got a couple of shots of some Smooth Flower Coral.
 Also found what I later identified as a Warty Corallimorph.  It is an anemone, but its tentacles are stubby little things.
At the Furry Rock, I found a Bluestriped Grunt getting his mouth cleaned by a small Spanish Hogfish.  I only got one shot of that, although I tried several.  The strobe kept setting up backscatter.
 Got a nice shot of a Yellow Fanworm, but I only got one shot.
Also got some pictures of a Sharptail Eel and a Spotted Scorpionfish.
  Headed back to the beach a little low on air and found a couple of Green turtles and a Guitarfish.   Got some quick shots while breathing fumes.

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