22 February 2012

Dianne and I Explore Tower 18

 Dianne and I decided to dive somewhere we had not been in a while, so we moved up the beach to Tower 18.  The sea was calm and wind was slight.  We got in and swam out to the East, but descended past the swim buoy but before the reef.  We saw a small Green Turtle on the sand and I got some pictures.
We found a few large rocks and I got a nice shot of a Queen Angelfish.
I also got a shot of a Scrawled Filefish over some Staghorn Coral, though the picture itself is not remarkable.  
 I wanted to get a close up of this Stoplight Parrotfish who apparently thought he was hidden in the coral while he watched us.
 On the way back to the beach, we found a Sea Robbin and I got a decent portrait shot.
 Our second dive was better, though we had more current to deal with.  I found a small Hogfish early in the dive.
 I also got a close up of this Seaweed Blenny.
Dianne spotted this puffer fish looking guy I have not identified.  I can't find anything like him in the Reef Fish books.  
She also brought me a shell, indicating that there was a hermit crab inside.  I set it on the reef and waited, then got this shot of a Stareye Hermit Crab.  
 On the way back to the beach, I spotted a Florida Regal Sea Goddess and got this shot.
The last picture I took was of this Intermediate Gray Angelfish as we left the reef and swam over the sand back to the beach.

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