07 February 2012

Dianne and I dive the Big Coral Knoll

Dianne and I got a late start in large part because I discovered a short in the strobe cord and had to replace it.  We got to the beach and descended on the reef about 9:00 am.  I tried to reach the Fish Camp Rocks, but ended up at the Swept Rock, so we toured the Big Coral Knoll.
 No turtles today, not even the Greens.  The strobe worked, though, and I got some good pictures.  For example, I really like this photograph of the French Grunt eyeing the Juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish   
 I also got some good shots of a Spanish Hogfish, who was following a Sharptail Eel who was hunting on the Knoll.  In fact, there were several fish, including a Slippery Dick, following the eel and hoping to claim some part of the eel's prey for themselves.
 Got several shots of this Queen Angelfish, who would swim off, but then come back to see what I was doing.
 The Scrawled Filefish was not as curious, but he did let me get close enough for some good shots.
 We swam over to the Fish Camp Rocks and found two Porcupinefish under one of the bigger rocks on the East side of the rocks.  He had an odd smile.   Also got a picture of a large Sand Perch while swimming back to the beach.
Dianne fell on the beach in shallow water, and even though I dropped my gear to help her, the life guard had to come down to help me pick her up.  Pretty sad that she and I could not get her back on her feet. The Life Guard was nice enough about it though.

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