22 June 2011

Diving the Ledge of Turtles with Cole Evans

I descended before the swim buoys, then swam out at 100 degrees and found the railing. I turned to 120 degrees and adjusted for the current, then swam against the current to the Ledge. The visibility was terrible and I was set by the current, but I happened to spot the mid-way rocks and got myself back on track. I made it to the Ledge perfectly. There were no turtles on the Ledge. No Green Turtles and certainly no Hawksbills. Sad. I looked around a bit then headed out to the Shark's Rock, taking my time through the coral in the hopes of finding some Grunts going mouth to mouth. No luck on the Grunts and no Nurse Sharks at the Rocks. I headed South up the rise just looking to see what was there. Not much. So I went back to Shark's Rock and then back to the Ledge of Turtles. This time, there was a small Green Turtle skimming over the coral, but he took off as soon as he spotted me. I didn't even get a bad picture of him.

Cole arrived at 8:30 am as planned. I brought one of the puny (XXS) BCDs for him and it fit him well. He might even be able to get into an extra puny. We went diving. We swam to the reef on the surface so I would be sure to find the railing, but I didn't. I wasted 5 minutes swimming up and down the reef before I surfaced and discovered we had been set 30 feet to the North. We correct our position, descended, located the railing and swam to the Ledge at 120 degrees. Along the way, we spotted a young Nurse Shark that was maybe 30 inches long. Cole wanted to feel its skin, but then decided he wanted to pull it by its tail. That was too much. We continued to the Mid-way Rocks and to the Ledge. We explored for a while, then headed out to the Shark's Rock, but there wasn't much out there, either. We went North-East and found a few rocks, a Smooth Trunkfish and some Atlantic Spadefish. We came back to Shark's Rock and to the Ledge, then headed back to the beach.

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