29 April 2011

Fish Eggs!

The sea was absolutely calm and still when I first got in. There was some current to the North, but not a lot and visibility was pretty good. I headed due East for the Fish Camp Rocks, but ended up at the Furry Rock and swam North to the Fish Camp Rocks. As a habit I am deliberately

cultivating, I shot a test picture at the truck before I got in the water. Notwithstanding this check, the strobe was not hooked up for the dive. Even so, I got some good shots of a couple of

Green Sea Turtles and found a Dusky Jawfish with eggs in its mouth. I also got some pictures of a Sharptail Eel.

The wind was picking up some for the second dive, but the sea was still fairly calm. This time, I made certain that the strobe was hooked up. I swam to the Fish Camp Rocks then to the Eastern edge of the reef and then back to the Fish Camp Rocks, using the marker on a shelf above the ledge. I was feeling pretty good about my

navigation skills. I also found a Hawksbill Turtle, but I filled the CF card on my second visit to the Fish Camp Rocks.

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