16 March 2011

Kayak Diving on Suze's Reef

I met Dick yesterday. He is a member of the Kayuba Dive Club and we have seen one another at the beach several times. He offered to bring his wife's kayak if I wanted to dive with them. I eagerly agreed. We met at the beach a little after 8:00 am. It was 9:30 before we got the gear loaded and got in the water. It was another hour to get to the site and get geared up. Everything has to be tied down in case you roll over, which means it all has to be untied to get in the water.

I started off diving with Dick and Mark, but they were looking for lobsters to eat while I preferred to take photos. John had forgotten his weights or weight belt and did not dive. I lost Dick and Mark on the reef and explored on my own for a while. I came up after about 40 minutes and talked with John as I tried to get my gear and myself back in the kayak. It was a struggle. Dick and Mark never came up, so I paddled over to their bubbles and jumped in again. They were after some lobster deep in the reef. I took photos and suddenly was attacked by a Triggerfish that had been circling me. He nipped me on the ear lob and drew blood. Then we got out and paddled home. It was an enjoyable experience.

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