25 January 2011

On my own again

The air temperature was mid-70's and pleasant in the occasional sunshine. The wind was 10 to 15 knots from the SE. The surf was rough, the waves throwing water high on the beach and creating very strong rip currents and it rushed back to the ocean. These currents also washed sand from the beach and into the sea.

I went in between Towers 14 and 15, hoping to find the Coral Knoll. I missed it going out. I could see almost nothing. I got to the sand and 26 ft of water on the Eastern Edge of the Reef and turned around. On the way back, I found the overturned coral head that sits on the North side of the Coral Knoll. I recognized it even in the poor visibility and swam around the coral knoll looking for crabs and eels. There was a lot of sand in the water and while I took a few pictures, none of them turned out very well. Still, it was nice to find the coral knoll.

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