16 May 2014

Trying to Find the Little Knoll

Visibility was not good, but it did not seem impossible, either.  I swam out to the swim buoy and found the Big Rock, then headed off at 150 degrees, but the current seemed to shift direction and I ended up several times heading due East.  After swimming for about 30 minutes, I assumed I had missed the little knoll and then surfaced to see I was South of Tower 14.  I descended again and headed North, then NW and surfaced, but without ever seeing the knoll.  I did get some pictures.

 Got this shot of a Gray Angelfish on the way out.
Found this Seaweed Blenny near the Big Rock before I started the long swim to the knoll.
 This Black Spotted Feather Duster was just one of many along the edge of the reef.
Saw a number of these Lantern Bass.
This Rock Beauty was a rare find.  I think this is the first one I have seen this year.

Of course, a dive on the sand leading to the First Reef Line would not be complete without swimming with a Green Sea Turtle.

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