21 February 2014

Solo and Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

Wind was up and there was a strong surface current.  The surf was high.  Most waves were in the 2-3 ft range but some of them were 5 ft or more.  They looked huge from the trough as I struggled out through the surf.  I swam out to the blocks and descended, but never found the blocks.  Think I was too far East because the swim buoy was pushed West and changed all the angles.  Visibility was 3 ft or less over the sand.  I headed East and hoped to run into something I recognized.  Visibility opened up to all of 8 ft on the reef.  Most of the pictures I took are filled with back scatter.

I didn't see a lot of fish, but I did get a pretty good picture of this Intermediate French Angelfish,

This Juvenile French Grunt

and this Green Sea Turtle, with whom I swam for 5 or 10 minutes just cruising the Knoll.

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