13 January 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles without a pressure guage

      Soaked the housing for the Mark II, greased the buttons and cleaned the O-rings.  Everything worked.  I did not change the strobe battery, but it was fine.  The Oceanic computer transmitter battery apparently died yesterday.  No signal.  No tank pressure information. I should have changed it last night, but I didn't.  I brought the wrong  batteries this morning, so it was dead on this dive, too.

      I swam out to the reef and descended on the large rock pile then swam out at 120 degrees, but still did not find the Ledge.  I swam up a slope and found Shark's Rocks East and from there went to the Nipple Rock and then West to the Ledge.  No eel today, but, on the other hand, the camera worked.

 Found a small school of Atlantic Spadefish while I was looking for the Ledge, and got this shot.
Got this shot of a Sheepshead heading South from Shark's Rock to the Nipple Rock.
 This little Three Spot Damselfish got right in my face when I approached his cluster of Staghorn Coral.

 I got several shots of these two French Grunts going mouth to mouth apparently over some territorial dispute or maybe a female, but who really knows?  Usually when I encounter this behavior, the fish break off once I take my first photo.  The strobe scares them, I guess.  But these two fellows just kept after one another.

      Got a nice shot of this Sand Diver just lying on the bottom of the reef waiting.  
     Saw some Midnight Blue Parrotfish, but did not get close enough for any good shots.

     I did get a few good shots of some Bluespotted Coronetfish on the way back to the beach.

      I don't know what changed between yesterday and today, but the camera seemed to work just fine.  Now if I can only remember to change the battery in my computer transmitter.

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