26 October 2013

Back in the Water

     No pictures.  The visibility was very poor, but I needed to get back in the water after suffering a DCS hit on the 22nd of September.  Luis and Leo accompanied me. We met on the beach at 8:30 am and got in the water about an hour later.  We waded through the surf, swam a little past the swim buoy and then descended.  visibility was a little less than 3 feet over the sand.  We headed East and eventually ran into the Fish Camp Rocks, though I did not recognize them at first.  From there we swam over to the Big Coral Knoll then past the Swept Rock to the Perpendicular Rocks and back to the beach.  It was a 93 minute dive at a maximum depth of 22 feet.  Average dept was just over 18 feet and my SAC rate was .48 ft3/min.  But I made the dive without incident, even though I could not make my planned stop at 10 feet because of the surf and surge.  I'm back.

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