09 March 2013

Supermacro on the Big Coral Knoll

     The air temperature was warmer this morning that yesterday, but the water was colder.  It was only 1 degree colder at 66 degrees, but it really made a big difference.  I could not stop shivering this morning.  Yesterday, I could control it and my breathing.

       I put a +10 diopter on the 100 mm macro lens.  Since the workmen have been installing the supports for the beach, many of  the  
 non-territorial animals have left our beach.  While I enjoy the Porkfish and various grunts, I would really like to see some octopus or some sea Robins or some Guitarfish. 

The surf was a little taller than I expected, but not a often.  We made it out just fine.  The bottom is dug up, however. Holes and ridges.  Difficult to walk.
 Found a Seaweed Blenny who posed for me and let me get close enough to make use of the supermacro configuration. 
 He even came out of his burrow and posed for me. 
 I think this is either a Rosy Blenny or a Saddle Blenny, but I can't decide.  She posed for me, too.  Very calm and allowed me to fuss with my camera and the focus. 
This little Dusky Jawfish was busy cleaning his burrow and carrying the pebbles and other trash out in his mouth. 

     It was very difficult walking back onto the beach.  The holes were deep and the sand was soft.  I got stuck a couple of times and almost fell over once. 

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