25 March 2012

Diving the Fish Camp Rocks

This Was Javier's 3rd Open Water dive.  It was a calm, warm day.  Dianne, Javier and I swam to the edge of the reef and descended to 33 feet to make the three ascents. 
Javier was calm and comfortable for each of the ascents and passed without effort.  After the ascents, weswam back towards the beach.
 I had taken the camera with a macro lens and got some good shots of various fish.  I'm always amazed at fish with the attached cymothoid isopods. 
 We saw several lobster
 Balloon fish
 and Blennies.  When we got back to the beach, Luis met us and we were soon joined by Jennifer Moes, who also wanted to make the second dive with us.
 On this dive, we all swam out past the swim buoy and descended over the concrete blocks.  We then headed East, but got set to the North to the Perpendicular Rocks, where I spotted this Nurse Shark.
 Got a poorly exposed shot of a Yellow Fanworm
 and watched this White Grunt act like he was going to vomit for several minutes.  In retrospect, he was probably looking for a Goby or juvenile Spanish Hogfish to clean his mouth, but that's not what it looked like.
 Spotted a Green Sea Turtle,
 a Townsend Angelfish,
 a Midnight Blue Parrotfish
and a second Green Sea Turtle in the algae before the beach.  It was a pleasant dive.

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