27 June 2011

Finding the Lost Coral Knoll

Nicco and Trisha joined me for a dive this evening. I wanted to get a bearing on the coral knoll we found on the first dive on Sunday. Its a knoll we used to see frequently, but do not now because we have bearings on the Big Coral Knoll and the Fish Camp Rocks. So we entered in front of the life guard tower, swam to the reef at 100 degrees, and swam to the Fish Camp Rocks at 90 degrees. From there, I headed to this new reef at 120 degrees, except that we never found it on that bearing. We swam to the Eastern edge of the reef, went South along the edge and then West, and then we found the reef. Maybe at 150 degrees. We did find a crab and I got a picture. Also saw two French Grunts going mouth-to-mouth. I was not able to get a picture of that.

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