19 February 2011

Finding Fish Camp Rocks

Luis and I met at Tower 17 this morning. There was virtually no wind and the ocean was flat. Luis brought a 6 mm wetsuit and needed additional weight, but he expected to be warm. We entered the water in front of the Tower and descended at the reef, though it was difficult to see the reef. Visibility was terrible on the sand and for the first 30 yards or so onto the reef. Even then, it only opened up to 15 ft or so.

Once on the reef, we headed East. Luis fought the wetsuit and the flag. I was looking for the rock-with-a-head and found the Fish Camp Rocks. Luis had me take his trim weights out so he could put them on this legs in an effort to hold his legs down. We had to surface to communicate, and by the time we were finished and descended, we could not find the Rocks. We swam around and eventually got to them, but it was amazing to me how quickly we lost them and how truly lost they were in the low visibility.

While looking for the Fish Camp Rocks the second time, we found the rock with the long coral shoots. It was slightly East and South of the Fish Camp Rocks.

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