05 January 2011

Enjoying the Coral Knoll off Sunrise and A1A

Luis got hung up in traffic and called about 7:45 am to tell me he would be late meeting me at 8:00 am. The water was still and clear, so I parked just North of Sunrise on A1A, planning to dive the Coral Knoll. I have had some trouble in the past finding the Knoll. It's only the size of a large room and a very short swim off the beach. In limited visibility, however, it is very easy to swim right past it. I know because I have done it. Several times, but not today.

Luis got to the site shortly after 8:00 am and we got in, swam beyond the buoys and descended. There was very little wind and not much wave action. We headed East and found the Knoll in a few minutes. Lots of reef fish. Found a crab, a few anemones and even a squat anemone shrimp, which I only found while editing my pictures. We found a Green Sea Turtle, which I chased for some pictures. While chasing the turtle, I lost track of where I was. In a few minutes I lost the Coral Knoll and could not find it again.

The second dive was a little more challenging. The wind came up from the Southeast and stirred up the waves. The visibility was still good, but not as clear and there is some doubt that it will be good tomorrow after a night of SE winds.

We missed the Coral Knoll and swam to the Western edge of the reef, where we found a lot of a small nurse shark under a coral head. The water temperature was 71 degrees, but I was chilled by the time we got out.

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