01 January 2011

End of the Year Reflections

It's the end of calendar year 2010 and time to reflect on what happened and did not happen during the year. I made 448 dives last year and spent a total of 414 .55 hours under water. That's 17.27 days, total. I took 123 individuals along with me for one or more of those dives. Many were students. All became friends. Some got to be friends with the turtles with whom we dived.

I kept up with the blog until October, then everything fell apart, as some of you have commented. I posted only 3 Be a Better Diver columns on the CordovaDiving.com website. I posted some good photographs on the picasaweb site and on this blog. I found some interesting things under the water. Most things I can identify, but some, like the little animals living in the perfectly round holes in the sand remain unidentified. I can do better in 2011.

The following are some of my better shots from the last few months. Dive safely. Enjoy the pictures.

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