21 January 2011

Diving North of Tower 17

Luis and I met just North of Tower 17, but well North of where we dove on Wednesday. I double checked the strobe connection and used a freshly charged Canon battery this morning. I even changed the battery on the strobe.

Unfortunately, we saw no turtles and I had no real shots, which was just as well, because I had no strobe on the first dive and the lens was set at 50 mm, so I got a lot of the port. We saw a Sea Robbin early in the dive and I got a short video.

Next, we saw a small purplemouth moray eel, but he ducked under the coral head. I put a piece of sardine hear the opening of the coral and he grabbed it, but did not hang around for a photo session.

We found a coral knoll that rose about 5 ft of the sea floor, but there were not a lot of reef fish on it. I did see a Green Sea Turtle after we turned back. I shot some video of her, but could not get very close.

We continued due East, but I turned around at 1450 psi without reaching the end of the reef. It was not a bad dive. I was warm the whole time, but there wasn't much to see.

For our second dive, we entered the water South of Tower 17 and at about the same place as we dove on Wednesday, but we did not see the large rocks or the coral knoll. We swam all the way to the Eastern edge of the reef and I got some video of the ledge, which drops from about 20 ft to 35 ft. Also got some shots of a couple of Smooth Trunkfish. I also got pictures of a Giant Anemone and a Shark Sucker catching a ride on a Parrotfish. Still, not an eventful dive.

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